Celeb Pregnancy – Marisa Miller

Our readers seem to like to keep up on this, so here’s another one!


Celebrity Jabber is very excited to share the latest celebrity news with you. Marisa Miller is expecting a BOY!

Marisa Miller has been married to Griffin Guess since 2006, and now they are expecting their first child to make his appearance in December. The former Victoria’s Secret Model has been on over 80 magazine covers including GQ Magazine and Sports Illustrated…..More at Mommy to be Marisa Miller is having a… – Celebrity Jabber

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Adele is Pregnant


Here we go again with another celeb pregnancy! They just keep coming, but so do a thousand other women per day that never hit the news – lucky them 🙂

“As if Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorcing wasn’t enough to shake up our star meter, Adele then announced (in much happier news) she and her boyfriend Simon are expecting their first child!

We are SUPER excited and overjoyed that Adele is now a soon-to-be mama and we aren’t the only ones sharing our happiness for the expectant mom!…More at Adele Announces Pregnancy, Celebs Take To Twitter! – PerezHilton.com

Here’s so more to read about celeb preggos:

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And of course, Twitter was hot!




And the Tweet goes on! Stay tuned!

Reese Witherspoon Pregnancy

What is the fascination with pregnant celebrities? What makes their baby bump more interesting than the woman at the office or your best friend?

I guess the question is a personal one and we know our readers like to keep up on famous pregnancies so here's the latest on Reese Witherspoon.

FINALLY! Reese Witherspoon is talking about what’s become obvious to all of us: her pregnancy. She acknowledged it while at the An Evening with Reese Witherspoon event in Chicago.

“I’m very excited … Frankly, I’m feeling very round tonight.”

…More at reese witherspoon – reese witherspoon pregnant | Celeb Gossip

And, of course there is lots of activity on on Twitter

So keep watching – we'll keep posting on Reese's progress…

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Reese Witherspoon Pregnant?

Reese Witherspoon pregnantFor those of you who haven’t heard the news cuz you were maybe off planet or like me bored with reading the news sites sometimes, Reese Witherspoon is reportedly pregnant and looks pretty good!

The celeb press makes a big deal about stuff like this and wouldn’t it be mega-embarrassing if she’d just gained some weight.

Let’s assume she is prego: this is the kind of mindless pablum the press thinks is important. We found this on The Huffington Post which used to be a decent source of news….used to be! Here’s an excerpt of an article that was actually on THP’s front page:

“Reese played down her baby bump in the beautiful south of France in a ruched black jersey dress — and some vivid fuchsia strappy heels.

While Reese might not be as much of a dedicated heels-while-pregnant fan as Jessica Simpson and Snooki, her choice of footwear is definitely a bold move. Not that we don’t love the shoes — pink heels are practically our spirit shoe — we just hope she’s comfortable!”

Oh God yes, let poor Reese Witherspoon be comfortable as if she was so stupid she’d wear uncomfortable shoes just to give the THP reporter something to worry about 

Better than fuchsia shoes (you can’t see them in the pic) would be a fuschia Bellysonic around that belly bump playing relaxing music to drown out the sounds of the screaming paparazzi!