The Correlation Between Music and Math: A Neurobiology Perspective

Smart Baby at CollegeIn 2008 Cindy Zahn wrote a paper titled, The Correlation Between Music and Math: A Neurobiology Perspective.

Here is an excerpt from this well researched and nicely written article that shows the connection between listening, or being taught music, at a young age and developing an aptitude for math:

“It turns out that there is much evidence that supports the positive effects of music on one’s ability to do math. Most research shows that when children are trained in music at a young age, they tend to improve in their math skills. The surprising thing in this research is not that music as a whole is enhancing math skills. It is certain aspects of music that are affecting mathematics ability in a big way. Studies done mostly in children of young age show that their academic performance increases after a certain period of music education and training. One particular study published in the journal ‘Nature’ showed that when groups of first graders were given music instruction that emphasized sequential skill development and musical games involving rhythm and pitch, after six months, the students scored significantly better in math than students in groups that received traditional music instruction.”

Read more from this paper at Serendip Studio – .

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Help Kids Sleep

Help Kids Sleep

With a busy household, a sensitive child will see a world in chaos: parents frantically getting ready every morning to go to a place called “work”, Mom running around barking orders at other siblings, the dog needs attention and is howling at an ambulance in the distance, Dad is tired all the time because he works all the time, and is running late to his assignment.

These sorts of scenarios impact a child’s sleep only because many adults are overworked and don’t know it, and the stress trickles down into the psyche of the younger members of the family.

Children need nature and nurture. In many cases situations beyond their control prevent them from receiving these crucial elements to their growth which includes quality sleep.

With its short audio cable and low output speakers, Sleepsonic for Kids offers kids now gives parents a safe and natural method to help kids sleep. The pillow also helps kids be more receptive to bedtime stories and reading in a timely manner.

With Sleepsonic for Kids™, not only does a parent have a non-medicated option, but a viable solution for staging a sweet and sleepy conclusion to the day while stimulating their child’s imagination.

The Sleepsonic for Kids includes:

1 Sleepsonic for Kids Stereo Speaker Pillow with a colorful patterned pillow case (pattern choices available)
1 Hemi-Sync CD story titled, Turtle Island.
Detachable 9 foot long audio extension cable
No power supply or batteries required. (uses the low power source of Mp3 players or portable CD players).

Turtle Island CD is a unique blending of non-intrusive Hemi-Sync® sleep enhancement frequencies with An American Indian “Creation” story for bedtime. This delightful tale is about how “two leggeds” came to Turtle Island–the land most people know as North America. It is part of a revered Iroguois oral tradition for conveying spiritual and ancestral knowledge about the origins and history of their native culture. View Product Specifications.

Boba Baby Carriers – Organic Comfort for Your Baby

baby carrierIf you haven’t heard of this baby carrier yet, now’s the time! I found this looking through a friend’s website and thought I should passs it on to our readers as well.

“Boba Baby Carrier – Wins Safety Award”

Anyone who has ever carried a baby knows how great the feeling is, but at the same time, we’re always aware of the potential danger, if they were to suddenly slip. Baby carrier products like the one manufactured by Boba solve this issue and make carrying easier, too.

Here is some of the information I found about the Boba product:

Made entirely in the USA, Boba 2G is a first-of-kind soft structured wearable baby carrier designed for a child’s optimal health and comfort. It’s the only baby carrier to feature both leg support and head protection for babies and toddlers weighing between 15 and 45 lbs. Boba 2G’s removable sleeping hood supports the child’s head and provides shade from sun and protection from wind, heat and cold. Boba 2G’s removable patent-pending foot straps ensure baby’s legs, hips and spine are held in the healthiest and most comfortable position possible at a natural 90-degree angle. Boba 2G is made with certified organic cotton and is machine washable and dryer friendly.

Boba’s Baby Carrier from EcoEarthManor

Here’s my friend’s great blog, Eco Earth Manor Blog, on all things earth friendly and where I found this baby carrier.

Just having spent 10 days with my daughter and her 7-month old, I know how much fun it is to carry a baby/little girl around in a ouch like device. It provides a special closeness and makes carrying easy. And then when the doze off, lying against your chest….well, heaven comes in all forms 🙂

After you’ve read the post about the Boba Baby Carrier, just follow this link to start making life easier for you, safer for your baby, and more comfortable for both of you.

Baby Bedding – 3 Important Considerations

baby beddingThe experience of having a newborn is always a daunting one, especially for first timers. New parents usually find themselves fretting over every decision, such as picking the right milk or clothes. One of the most important things that parents must get right is choosing the correct bedding for their newborn. For the best chance of you and your newborn getting a decent night’s sleep, you have to take into consideration several aspects

Baby Bedding – Safety

The most important issue to consider when buying baby bedding is your child’s safety. Cot death is a worry to all parents and everything that can be done to combat it must be done. Grobags, which are sleeping bags with dungaree style straps, are a good way of preventing suffocation.
The baby’s head and arms are outside the sleeping bag and the straps prevent them from wriggling down during the night. Cellular blankets are ones that are woven with large gaps to allow the flow of air and are an alternative option to protect against suffocation.

Baby Bedding – Comfort

Obviously in order to sleep well it is imperative that your baby is comfortable during the night. There is no specific material that will offer the best comfort, but choose one that feels very soft to your touch. Newborns have especially sensitive skin, so if something feels a little coarse to you then it will feel even more so to your baby.

Baby Bedding – The Right Temperature

Obviously being snug in bed is important for all of us to sleep properly. However, be careful not to add too much bedding to your baby’s crib. If your baby gets too cold during the night, they will let you know by crying. However, it can be that babies that get too hot are at risk of crib death as they often don’t wake up.

Whether they are sleeping in a Grobag or just under cellular blankets, adding or removing a blanket as required is a great way of regulating your baby’s temperature.

Baby bedding is not just about looks – safety and comfort are just as important.

Install Baby Gates To Keep Your Child Safe

baby gatesWhen you’re planning to child-proof your house, the question of which baby gates to install may be bothering you. When your child starts wandering around the house, failing to add baby gates will be putting them at risk. It can only take a fraction of a second and your kid can be in a hazardous situation.

Baby Gates “Watch” When You Can’t

Many mothers and fathers are doing several chores during the daytime and it is nigh onto impossible to dedicate full attention to the child’s actions every minute of the day. This makes baby gates so important addition in a home irrespective of what size. A little apartment can be just as dangerous as a five bedroom house when it comes to a babe. Baby gates are usually used to keep your kid safe by blocking stairways and hallways.

Sizes and Models for Every Home

Baby gates are available in a couple of types and models. Manufacturers have come up with one or two designs to make them better to install and operate. This is a welcome creativity since baby gates also block a heavy traffic area which adults and older kids frequently use.

You should be wary of the old baby gates of the past made of flimsy materials and especially the accordion types. These aren’t safe at for your baby. A child’s head could get caught between the slots. While these types are no longer sold, they could still be available at a garage sale or handed on from buddies and relatives.

The newly designed baby gates are designed sturdier and can be operated safely and simply by adults. If you plan to install a baby gate in a heavy traffic area, a retractable gate is ideal. Ensure that it’s not simply moved by your baby and simply controlled by the adults of the household at the same time. You would not require the adults and children to be climbing over the gate as this can often lead to injury when a person trips and falls.

There are also wall fixed types which implies a better choice when you’re employing a gate to dam your stairs. These are typically screwed into the walls or railings and open like a door. Since these types are screwed onto walls, it makes them tricky for a young kid to operate the gate yet simple enough for older kids and adults to open and walk thru. Baby gate mounting kits are always available to make these accessories fit your particular area.

Multiple Baby Gates Make Sense

Having multiple gates is common these days. It is a must that you install baby gates for all stairways. Doorways which lead on to high risk areas such as the pool should really also have one. Some family members may find baby gates annoying, but safety should always be the #1 concern for parents.

Keep your kids safe by visiting and find the perfect baby gates and walk thru pet gates for your home.

Adorable Little Girl Baby’s Room

baby's roomDon’t think for a moment that you have to paint a little girl baby’s room pink. Many think that is the only alternative. Nothing is more predictable or boring than a baby’s room all decked out, floor to ceiling, in pink. You’ve got lots of options to make your little girl’s room unique.

Girl baby’s Room Color – Get Creative!

You can use virtually any pale color: violet or lavender, mint green, yellow, perhaps blue for you to decorate your little girl’s baby’s room. If you opt for light colors, you will have a calming effect on the baby, great for relaxation and comfort. Brighter, more dazzling colors may stimulate her, useful for improvement and growth.

Regardless of how excited you are with getting the nursery all set, you have to put basic safety in mind first. Remember, this is where your little girl is going to be spending most of her time. She is going to eat, sleep, and also play here. You don’t want anything happening to your little angel. Especially nothing that you could have avoided. Taking the time to secure her and make her safe at this moment can pay off with a better, happier child later on.

Theme of the Room – Be Creative Here, Too!”

Next comes the theme. You can get ideas from a lot of locations: the internet, magazines, life style exhibits on television, your friends and neighbors, perhaps retail store displays are a fantastic source. Popular girl themes today are usually butterflies, unicorns, horses, bouquets, angels, nearly anything nice and adorable can be used as a concept.

The trouble with taking a very specific concept is finding the right arrangements for it. Looking for that ideal angel desk lamp may be more complicated than expected, but the benefits when you finally find it will be more than worth it. The options on hand are almost endless if you are willing to accomplish the hard work. Just remember you might want to rush because the little girls that will be using the space will be on her way.

Don’t make the common mistake of dismissing the floor when redoing your baby’s room. Many nurseries are carpeted, but when yours is not, consider adding emphasis and also color to your floor by means of area rugs. There are a lot of alternatives available for tying a look together. Match the theme with molded rugs. Something like a butterfly or a flower shaped area rug can look good in any baby girl’s room.

Baby Sleepsonic – Perfect for Your baby’s Room!

Babies love music and when you put your little one down, the Baby Sleepsonic offers a perfect way to lull them to sleep. There are some great Lullaby CD suggestions on the Bellysonic website which you can choose from.and you can start using them together with your baby by using the beautiful Bellysonic Pre-Natal Music Belt. You can read about it here:

Remember, you have the liberty to do what you want. Planning on the birth of your respective little one is made a lot more special by investing time and effort in ensuring her ease and also pleasure. Should you use up all your creative ideas, don’t be worried to work with the help of experts.

Shopping for Baby’s Room? Niche Stores are Great!

Niche stores often have personnel on hand to assist you. In addition, family and friends are there to lend some help.

It’s hard to know for sure what’s going to work so you will need to go with your heart with this one. If you did your preparations meticulously, there is no reason that your young daughter will not like her room. When the new baby’s room talks to you and makes you feel at ease, it will have the exact same effect on her.