Help Kids Sleep

Help Kids Sleep

With a busy household, a sensitive child will see a world in chaos: parents frantically getting ready every morning to go to a place called “work”, Mom running around barking orders at other siblings, the dog needs attention and is howling at an ambulance in the distance, Dad is tired all the time because he works all the time, and is running late to his assignment.

These sorts of scenarios impact a child’s sleep only because many adults are overworked and don’t know it, and the stress trickles down into the psyche of the younger members of the family.

Children need nature and nurture. In many cases situations beyond their control prevent them from receiving these crucial elements to their growth which includes quality sleep.

With its short audio cable and low output speakers, Sleepsonic for Kids offers kids now gives parents a safe and natural method to help kids sleep. The pillow also helps kids be more receptive to bedtime stories and reading in a timely manner.

With Sleepsonic for Kids™, not only does a parent have a non-medicated option, but a viable solution for staging a sweet and sleepy conclusion to the day while stimulating their child’s imagination.

The Sleepsonic for Kids includes:

1 Sleepsonic for Kids Stereo Speaker Pillow with a colorful patterned pillow case (pattern choices available)
1 Hemi-Sync CD story titled, Turtle Island.
Detachable 9 foot long audio extension cable
No power supply or batteries required. (uses the low power source of Mp3 players or portable CD players).

Turtle Island CD is a unique blending of non-intrusive Hemi-Sync® sleep enhancement frequencies with An American Indian “Creation” story for bedtime. This delightful tale is about how “two leggeds” came to Turtle Island–the land most people know as North America. It is part of a revered Iroguois oral tradition for conveying spiritual and ancestral knowledge about the origins and history of their native culture. View Product Specifications.

Baby Lullabies with a Hidden Secret!

lullabiesLullabies have been around as long as mothers could sing and they have worked for just about as long. Our modern lives, however, sometimes work against the ability to lull a baby to sleep with just the mothers’ voice.

Back in the 1800’s a research discovered that playing frequencies of a certain type into the ears caused the brain to relax and thereby promote sleep. This technique has been advanced since then and these binaural beat frequencies can underlie a more traditional lullaby and help small children to fall asleep even when there is a lot of activity in the environment.

The hidden secret in Binaural Beat Lullabies may make getting your little one to sleep a whole lot easier!

Infant Sleep Guidelines

infant sleepAll parents have concerns that their infants will sleep well and safely. Over the years many opinions have been voiced as to how to make the sleep environment safer and this will continue as long as we have kids!

AAP Report on Infant Sleep Deaths

But recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued new recommendations aimed at reducing all sleep-related deaths in infants.

One of the most disturbing and frightening of these deaths results from the so-called sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS. Often the death is caused by suffocation from a too-soft pillow or a too-heavy blanket, or strangulation from crib bumper tie-ons or cords from music players going to a sleep pillow.

Infant Sleep Safety Recommendations

The recent report changes some earlier recommendations and updates others.

Among the recommendations are:
=> not using any kind of bumper pads in cribs
=> breastfeeding
=> use of pacifiers
=> making sure the infant sleeps on its back

An article on this report was posted on and you can read it all here: