Clinically Proven Baby Sleep Routine

Johnson's Baby Sleep RoutineJust came across a good method here for helping your little infant get calm before sleep time!

Here’s the first 2 steps of the routine (see more at :

Step 1: A Warm Bath with JOHNSON’S® Baby BEDTIME® Bath

Help your little one let go of the day’s excitement with a warm bath. JOHNSON’S®
Baby BEDTIME® Bath
is formulated with NATURALCALM® essences – a special
blend of calming aromas. Held to our high standard of safety, this NO MORE TEARS®
formula is as gentle to the eyes as pure water.

For a bubblier start to your nighttime routine, try JOHNSON’S® Baby BEDTIME®
Bubble Bath & Wash

Step 2: A Gentle Massage with JOHNSON’S® Baby BEDTIME® Lotion

Follow the bath with a gentle massage. JOHNSON’S® Baby BEDTIME® Lotion is
formulated with NATURALCALM® essences, a special blend that releases soothing
aromas. Clinically shown to last all night long, this CLINICALLY PROVEN MILDNESS
lotion formula is dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic.

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