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Q: Is the Bellysonic compatible with the latest iPods and iPhones?
03/17/12: Yes. All latest generation iPods and iPhones have 3.5mm headphone jacks, so iPods & iPhones can work with 3rd party output devices such as headphones, speakers, etc.

08/23/09: The iPod Shuffle 3rd generation released in 2009 comes with a specialized head phones cable and volume control, which does not allow the player ready to take other types of headphones without an adaptor. One such adapter caught our attention because of its compact size and functionality: 2009 iPod headphone adapter

Q: Are there any safety issues about WIFI (wireless internet / telephone) near a pregnant woman and her womb?
Yes there are reports of potential hazards of a pregnant mother positioning herself close to wireless devices. That is why Bellysonic is non-wireless.

Testing results as stated below show practically zero emissions from the Bellysonic while in use with standard Mp3 players and headphones. See review on Wifi signals at the Moms-to-Be blog.

Q:What are the EMF emissions?
03/02/08: People are concerned in these times over the electromagnetic pollution radiating from anything electronic. If in excess at a close distance they [EMF’s] can be harmful to the body and its natural cell regeneration. There are three kinds of this type of invisible pollution: Electrical- the voltage field measured in volts , Magnetic- the magnetic field measured in gauss, RF– the radio frequency field measured in hertz and watts.

Q: Are there EMF emissions [from the Bellysonic]?
03/02/08: After testing all Sleepsonic® products for the three forms of pollution these are the results:

  • 1. There was a negligible electrical field.
  • 2. With Sleepsonic®, Bellysonic®, & Babysleepsonic™ there was .6 milligauss at .5 inches and undetectable at 1 inch. These readings are both negligible with no health effects whatsoever.
  • 3. In all three products there was no RF field detected.
  • If you are using an IPOD®, Shuffle®, other brand MP3 players, or any other small, non-cell phone type music device there are no fields emanating from them. If you are using a plug in Boom Box it should be placed 4-5 feet away from the user whether it is an adult or a baby because the A.C.(alternating current) field would be stronger at a closer distance. Also any wireless device connected in close proximity to the head or body is not advised due to their undetermined RF fields.
  • 4. The instruments used for measuring were finely calibrated EMF and RF meters showing readings in gauss, hertz, and watts.

Q: How do I transfer my CD contents to my IPOD® [MP3 Player]?

03/08/09: See the apple support article here:
or check the support documentation specific to the type of MP3 player you own.

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