Bellysonic in use

A MP3 or CD player with the right playlist or audio tracks connected to a Bellysonic® can help reduce stress, and permit both mommy and baby to enjoy the science of prenatal learning. Some special features of the Bellysonic:

  • Crafted from soft and lightweight Organic Sherpa™ cotton fabric.
  • Contains 2 (low output) removable digital stereo headphone type
    speakers within pouch pointing to tummy.
  • Extension audio cable with 3.5mm plug.
  • Detachable Headphone splitter.
  • MP3 player storage area in speaker pouch – View Suggested Players.
  • Approx 12″L x 2.75″W x 1″H.
  • Adjustable Belt Strap to 56 inches.
  • Made in USA. View Details.
Bellysonic Organic Pouch

Made in USA from Organic Cotton
The Bellysonic is made of washable 100% organic sherpa cotton lined with cotton flannel for extra softness. The adjustable belt is also made of 100% natural cotton for comfort. The cotton belt is adjustable to approximately 56 inches in length.


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Crafted with cotton Organic Sherpa™, the lightweight and soft Bellysonic® stereo speaker pouch gives the pregnant mother freedom of movement.

High Quality Components

Utilizing an Innovative Sound Delivery™ design, the Bellysonic pouch contains mini-digital padded stereo headphone type speakers in compartments to deliver stereo sound to the womb. The spacing allows storage for a small MP3 player. A splitter for sharing the music with the parent-to-be is also included.

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