Health Consequences of Wi-Fi on Children and Pregnant Women

pregnant woman using wi-fiBarrie Trower makes a good case for keeping children and pregnant women out of close range of wireless communications.

This independent scientist talks a lot about what microwave radiation can do to the genes, especially those of a fetus who has no natural protection against them.

This is part 1 of a 13-part series well worth watching.

You owe it to yourself and your baby to watch this and protect yourselves.

Bellysonic has always been aware of the potential hazards of RF radio frequencies, especially on younger children, and pregnant women. Our product design, product literature and website includes information that addresses this issue.

Bellysonic, which is a non-wireless   listening accessory that comes standard with wire cable should be used with stand alone Mp3 players, smart phones that permit the phone application to be turned off, or conventional stereos. Most MP3 players are not WIRELESS, but those that are should be used with the wireless function turned off, or may be connected to the Bellysonic via the included audio cable (cable can be extended to its fullest length – approx 9 feet). See more about the Safety Guidelines for Bellysonic.

Additionally this is not to say a parent who is mature enough to research and make decisions for themselves is not capable of doing their own research, but the facts say that parents should exercise caution when placing anything WIFI near a pregnant woman.

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