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Get the Best Enjoyment out of Bellysonic®

It is our hope that you have many enjoyable moments of relaxation while you nurture your unborn baby. To ensure uninterrupted & safe listening, we recommend the following steps:

How to use Bellysonic Fig 1

Figure 1

1. Make sure your CD, MP3 player or any other sound source is fully charged before using with the Bellysonic® stereo speaker pouch.

2. Use the sound splitter provided to connect the Bellysonic pouch and external stereo headphones (not included) to a CD, MP3 player or any other recommended sound source (see fig.1). This allows the mom-to-be to share listening with her baby and monitor volume levels.

3. If you are using a CELL PHONE player, turn off the cell phone part if you can – we recommend you put this type of player 3 ft or farther away from your body as a safety precaution (please consult the safety guidelines of your cell phone – mp3 player).

4. Set and play your sound or music selection. Adjust the sound volume to a level most comfortable to you. Soft and soothing sounds enhance relaxation, while loud music may agitate or excite you and your baby.

Bellysonic how to use figure 2

Figure 2

5. Check the sound output from the Bellysonic left and right speakers. Only one speaker working means the male plugs may not be plugged in correctly. Pushing and wiggling the plug(s) firmly should correct this issue.

6. Adjust the belt (max length is less than 60″) to fit the pouch below your belly button. Buckle should be on your left side and can be easily snapped on and off. You are now ready to wear the Bellysonic speaker pouch.

7. A small MP3 player may be placed within the pouch while in use (see recommended dimensions below).

Recommended Dimensions for MP3 Player to fit inside pouch: 41.20 mm L. x 27.30 mm W. (4.12 cm L. x 2.73 cm W.). Most portable players can be fastened to the pouch externally, or placed outside of the pouch but within reach. See our suggested portable audio players.

Bellysonic how to use figure 3

Figure 3

8. Check your sound, volume and player charge level, before each listening session.

How to Wash The  Bellysonic

1. To wash the Bellysonic pouch, remove the speakers from their respective compartments by gently pushing the left and right speakers toward the middle of the pouch. Take out both speakers at the same time. Do not pull the wires.

2. Remember how the speakers and wires are taken out, since they go back in the same way.

3. If possible, hand-wash your pouch to maintain its shape and form. Otherwise, place in a laundry mesh bag so as to not damage the plastic buckle and sliders. Do not use bleach. Use the gentle warm cycle and low or air dryer setting.

4. To insert the speakers back into pouch, place the left L and right R speakers inside the middle of the pouch and gently push them side ways into their respective compartments. Left L Speaker should be closest to the opening of the zipper where the cable comes out, and is closest to the buckle.

5. Store the Bellysonic pouch with speakers, splitter and extension cord (provided with speaker cord size less than 1 foot), in the clear plastic box when not in use. This will ensure all pieces are easily available for your next use.

6. Your Bellysonic speaker pouch is reusable. If you keep it in excellent condition, you or another mom-to-be can have many enjoyable listening times with a soon-to-be baby.