Pregnancy Music Is The Way To Go

Pregnant Mother Wearing a BellysonicLearning and music listening are easily integrated into a mother’s quiet time since she can quietly deliver music and programs of her choice with the comfortable Bellysonic®.

A headphone splittercomes standard to facilitate shared listening of the audio between the mother and her belly. The mother can also unplug the Bellysonic headphones from the supplied splitter and still play her own music and programs or the other way around.

A Wide Choice of Pregnancy Music and Education Programs for Mothers & Babies
The beneficial qualities of sounds ranging from nature recordings, audio books, classical music to binaural beats, to whatever seems to enhance the mood, are all well documented in numerous studies and talked about in recent news articles.

Also among today’s new and expectant parents, an understanding of the benefits of prenatal education and music is now commonplace.

A ‘self determinative’ role in the music and pregnancy therapy selection process empowers the new mom and father as responsible facilitators of their baby’s growth and stimulation. Parents can be more enthusiastic about the process when they get to participate in an activity like pregnancy music that readies their child for an intelligent and stable postnatal experience.

View some suggested pregnancy music and audio programs Here.

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