Prenatal Music CDs

The Bellysonic® Speaker Pouch is an easy and comfortable way to listen to popular prenatal music CD and MP3 programs bundled for the mom-to-be and her baby. Plus she gets to share her precious moments of musical bonding with their baby in the womb.

Hemi-Sync Lullaby CD has the soothing music and frequencies for both you and your baby. Order Lullaby here.

Hemi-Sync Lullabies CD

 Hemi-Sync Lullaby can soothe both the mother and baby to be in moments when the mother’s stress and poor sleep need to be addressed. At times the emotions in a pregnant woman’s body can impact the prenatal baby they are carrying, so some of the best non-medicated ways to get the quality sleep and rest an expectant mother needs is through therapeutic music listening.

Mozart Before You Were Born

Mozart Before You Were Born

Ultimate Lullaby Music CD Collection.

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