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Bellysonicâ„¢ is a perfect way to deliver music to you and your baby!

Studies have shown that thought and sleep patterns in prenatal development can be influenced by music.

In particular, common understanding suggests the best time a mom can start playing music, audio books, or reading directly to the unborn baby can be at 25 weeks in her pregnancy, about the same time the fetus’s cochlear structures of the ear start to develop.

Also, the amniotic fluid within the womb enhances some sound frequencies. The research is ongoing and getting more specific in determining the lasting value of music, especially in regard to the memory development of the fetus. Most mothers gravitate to playing classical music or something similar.

Since a recent study in the Netherlands by Dr. Jan G. Nijhuis at the Centre for Genetics, Reproduction and Child Health at Maastricht University Medical Centre established the fact that in-utero babies can remember certain stimuli at 30 weeks development, newcomer parents are more then willing to explore the benefits of nurturing stimuli such as prenatal music for their baby.

The above mentioned study on this subject utilized simple scientific protocols for establishing a record of prenatal memory retention.

Overall these reports validate what pregnant mothers have already intutively grasped ever since stereo headphones were available: Their nurturing towards their unborn babies expressed in music, their own learning, and reading out loud all play an important part in the quality of babies and children’s lives pre and post birth.


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