Bellysonic Testimonials

“I have read many studies about the positive effects of playing music for babies and every time I use the Bellysonic™ I feel as though my unborn baby is directly benefiting from the power of music. I also feel an increased bond between myself and the baby.”

— Carrie S., Boston, MA

“I am very pleased with my Bellysonic™. It is very lightweight, convenient, and easy to use. I love being able to share the frequency of music with my yet to be born baby. I feel it is a special time to really create a strong bond and develop a greater mind for both of us.”

Sophie K., Albuquerque, NM

“I was so excited to receive my Bellysonic package in the mail today. I am currently 5 months pregnant and I had been hearing from several moms in my prenatal classes that they played music for their baby.
So needless to say the Bellysonic arrived at the perfect time. The Bellysonic is very easy to use and very comfortable. I strapped it around my waist and hooked up my Baby Mozart music. It is very lightweight and I was able to wear it under my clothes even. I found it perfect for my morning walks and very relaxing for me as well.! I highly
recommend Bellysonic and I think its a wonderful way to bond with your child.”

— Nicole G. of San Mateo, CA

“my husband and I love it!, I really enjoy this product. It’s everything
it claimed to be and it has a very reasonable price.”

— Pia A.,LA

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